Boat Dog

Boat Dog

Meet Woody

Woody is a chocolate male Lab and is 7 years old. He’s been with us for 5 years now, ever since we rescued him. The first time we met, I knew he was going home with us; however, my wife’s first reaction, as he was bouncing off the walls in the reception room at the Vet’s, was “he’s everything I don’t want”!  As you can see in the photo Woody’s settled down, well maybe just a little. Woody loves all the kids on the block, and is friends with all the dogs in the Manhattan Beach, Severna Park, neighborhood. Every weekend you will find Woody out boating on the Magothy River, watching the wildlife with amazement. This past August he missed going out on the water for 2 weeks as the outboard engine failed, and the boat was out of commission. With the engine repaired, the boat was back in the water, and once again Woody was perched in his favorite location, the bow.   

Woody’s Home Port: Cypress Creek

Woody’s Boat:  1967 Boston Whaler named Creek Hopper

Woody’s Favorite Water Pastime: Watching the Great Blue Herons as they fly by oh so gracefully, the Cormorants disappearing and waiting for them to resurface, and the Gulls diving and coming up with a fish. And of course chasing after the Canada Geese in the front yard, all 30 of them.    


  1. Hi Ralph, Eric here, love this website, hell if I knew you were so good at building websites, I would have had you do mine and the $7,000+ could have been yours. Anyway, what a site, you should be very proud of yourself.
    Now for the comment of this page, you probably already know this but at the top of this page your banner over laps just enough to cut the members posts in half. Other than that it’s perfect.

  2. Thanks, Eric. I have forwarded this to Ralph and Bruce.

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